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Thrive Alive Consent

Last Updated: December 14, 2023

I understand that Thrive365 (hereinafter called “Thrive365”) has created a private Facebook group called Thrive Alive (“Thrive Alive”) where individuals with a Facebook account and that are either a user of Thrive365’s technology platform or that is an individual that is an employee or patient of one of Thrive365’s clients can join Thrive Alive.

Thrive365 will create challenges or contests whereby members of Thrive Alive can earn points, awards, mentions or other acknowledgements within Thrive Alive and could earn certain financial incentives. By requesting access to Thrive Alive, the individual is consenting to the distribution of information within Thrive Alive including all text, images, video and results and may share their own information voluntarily (hereafter called “Information”). Such Information may be used by Thrive Alive and may be used in marketing and promoting Thrive365.

I authorize Thrive365 and its employees, contractors, partners and other representatives to use the Information in marketing and promotional efforts, including, but not limited to, advertisements, social media posts, brochures, or other promotional materials. I waive any claim to inspect, edit or approve of any materials where Thrive365 is used. I also waive any claim to copyright Information or materials where Information appears, and waive any claim to financial compensation or gain from Thrive365 using Information.