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Streaks Are Changing




🔥 Our streaks policy is changing! 

At Thrive365, streaks are earned by scoring at least one meal or snack daily. We encourage our subscribers to use their streaks as motivation to stay consistent with their scoring and engaged on our platform. Maintaining a streak also gives you a chance to enter regular incentive drawings and participate in unique challenges.

To streamline processes at Thrive365, we’ve made some minor updates to our streak policy. From now on, you’ll receive a message after scoring your first meal each day to confirm that your streak is intact. If you haven’t scored a meal that day, you’ll receive an evening reminder.

If you miss a day of scoring, you’ll have a one-day grace period to keep your streak going. After that, the streak will reset, and you’ll begin a new one with your next meal scored. At Thrive365, we encourage all of our subscribers to stay focused, stay consistent, and keep thriving!

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