Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive365 Platform & Scoring

Thrive365 is a patented meal scoring platform benefitting individuals living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Our proprietary platform combines the best of nutritional science and world class technology to make your meal-by-meal success as easy as can be.

Thrive365 is a nutritional meal scoring platform specifically designed for individuals living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Before trying any new eating system, always consult with a qualified health professional.

Thrive365 was developed with the input of hundreds of dietitians and certified diabetes care and education specialists. It has been rigorously evaluated to ensure that, when followed, it meets the standards as set out by the American Diabetes Association® for a healthy diet.

When registering, you will enter basic personal information, including age, gender, height, weight, and activity level. We use these factors to determine your daily nutritional energy needs and then calculate your personalized Thrive365 meal and snack scores.

Thrive365 is unlike any other diabetes management solution. Our focus is on healthy blood glucose levels, not your weight. Through our simple food scoring platform, it is as easy as scoring food items and eating to your Thrive365 score at each meal and snack. No counting carbs, restrictive diets, or avoiding eating out at restaurants!

With Thrive365, you can score virtually all food items that have a nutrition facts panel in any grocery store or convenience store simply by using your phone to scan the barcode or to search by brand name and item name. You can also score menu items from chain restaurants with 20 locations or more (over 800 restaurant brands) by searching for a restaurant item name or through our restaurants tab.

As a rule, while lower-scoring foods are generally more nutritious, any nutritious food that raises your blood glucose levels will give you a higher score. All of this is because a food’s score is a single number that represents multiple nutritional attributes found in a serving of that food. Each attribute is considered as the food is scored. Foods vary in their nutrient composition, so it is not possible to predict the score of a food simply by looking at one or two nutrients. For example, a food that provides a lot of fiber per serving and complex carbohydrates per serving might have a score equal to another food that has very little fiber, but instead is higher in protein, low in fat, low in sugar, and perhaps provides other important nutrients in each serving.

To receive the full benefits of the Thrive365 food scoring platform, you should hit your score exactly at each meal and snack. For healthy blood glucose levels, it is vital to eat to your score at every meal and snack. You cannot save from one meal to the next, so eating less at one meal cannot be used to eat more at another meal. Many people find over time that choosing foods to fit their score almost becomes habit, and they are surprised at the amount of healthy food they can have on their plate!

Each meal is a new opportunity for success! Don’t let a mistake from a past meal affect your decisions for your future meals. Eating to your score for each individual meal will lead to the greatest health benefits.

When to eat your snack is up to you, but you should keep in mind two things. First, the snack is more of a mini-meal, and like any other Thrive365 meal, you should eat it at one sitting. Second, the timing of when to eat is balanced out with your dinner – if you expect that you will have a late dinner, then have an afternoon snack. If you expect to have an early dinner, then eat your snack about an hour before you go to bed. All of this will help you to manage your blood glucose levels.

For healthy blood glucose levels, eat to your score for each meal and snack. If you are measuring your blood glucose either by finger prick or by a continuous glucose monitor, you should expect to see some small shifts within a day or two. After a few days, people often report feeling more energetic and have improvements in their mood. Finally, after you have been consistently following Thrive365 for a few months, you can look for changes in your A1C levels.


Click the “Sign Up Now” button on our website and complete the steps to register. Once you’ve completed registration, you will automatically be redirected to the app at On subsequent visits, you can visit either web page to login.

All major cards through Stripe online payments are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).

My Foods is your customized food section where you can save food items, favorites, and custom meals. Any food item that has been logged will automatically be added to the My Foods section.

Users can reach support by clicking the Support button in the app, chatting with us at our support site, or calling our Contact Center at (502)289-8020. Our contact center hours are Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm EST.